1936 Falling Peace (also sometimes erroneously referred to as Fallen Peace) is a STD Scenario that takes place in the Modern Age,
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1936 Fallen Peace v10 gameplay

resembling the years leading up to World War II. 8 playable nations, including Neutral Nations, are included in most versions ever created for the scenario. The scenario is one of the most revised Scenarios in the history of the gamestyle, which now has over 13 different variations (though some are lost). It is one of the most modernly played Scenarios, and has been attributed to the STD Scenario Revolution of the early 2010's

Notable Previous VersionsEdit

Version 4Edit

The first heavily played verion was version 4, created by [SC]Bern et al. This version had a lot less starting buildings, and was notable for a very prominent aircraft imbalance, where many airbases full of fghters could tip a battle to a player's favor quite easily. Base rates were also not as prevalent.

Version 4 ReduxEdit

[AS]_Pimp-Masterflex created the Version 4 "Redux", which solved the problem of airplanes, however such a version was not as heavily played due to higher versions of the scenario already developed, such as Version 8.