Date December 2011 - March 2012
Result Apocalypse Survivors Victory
Apocalypse Survivors Force of Good
Apocalypse Survivors [AS]_Pimp-Masterflex, [AS]_hoagieman
Force of Good {FOG}_Valladares

The AS-FOG War was a political and in-game conflict between the Apocalypse Survivors (AS) and the Force of Good (FOG) between late 2011 and early 2012. The conflict was the latest inter-clan conflict since the AS-SC Conflict of 2010, which was also part of the greater First BoR Conflicts. The main leaders of the conflict were {FOG}_Valladares for FOG, and [AS]_Pimp-Masterflex and [AS]_hoagieman for AS. Some floating SC members also participated In the conflict to have a minor yet noticeable Impact during the conflict.

The war was noted as a continuation of the "Cold War" style conflicts apart from the early formal clan battle wars of the early days of Scenarios. Notable members in FOG had the Initiative to take down the AS establishment In Scenarios, as well as removing Pimp as a major figurehead In Scenarios. Ganging and funding were used by both sides of the conflict, with many FOG members Initiating these policies first offensively, while AS members used these tactics defensively only against other FOG members. Eventually, Val's FOG crumbled In activity and skill, and eventually disintegrated Into stray belligerent players that stayed for only a few months.

The conflict was notable for reaffirming AS dominance in Scenarios, as well as solidifying Pimp's leadership role In AS and as a figurehead in Scenarios. The war also helped AS to organize Itself to become more active, and to recruit many new members Into the clan. AS continued to dominate Scenarios until 2014 when Pimp began to establish new clans with the advent of the Extended Edition. The new organization of AS Into a major Scenario organization helped the clan survive through the RoNPocalypse.