Hoagieman (in his younger years)

Hoagieman (known most currently as [DC]_Hoagieman) is the current leader of the Dark Coalition, a Rise of Nations Scenario clan.  Hoagie is considered to still be one of the top scenario players in the community.


[DC]_hoagieman (also known as [AS], [SC], and [BoR]_hoagieman) made his way into scenarios back in 2005 as a noob looking for a new game type to play.  Hoagie joined his first scenario (Medieval 1492) not knowing what to do and resigning right off the bat.  Surprisingly hoagie was invited right back into the next scenario where [SC]_Mujahadine  taught him what to do and there on out understood what scenarios were all about.  Short after Mujahadine invited hoagieman into [JSC] or Junior Scenario Clan, where he was trained into a more well-rounded scenario player before  joining [SC].

                Once hoagieman had completed his training in [JSC] he was initiated into [SC] to join the ranks with some of the best scenario players in the community.  Come 2006 hoagie had made new friends within [SC], befriending [SC]_Bern and [SC]_Scio as his two closest friends.  The more notable friendship was the one with [SC]_Bern.  Bern was always up to no good within the clan starting coups against the leadership of [SC] and doing whatever he can to try and gain power.  This put hoagie into many sticky situations with Bern, due to the fact that his mentor, [SC]_Mujahadine was very against what Bern was doing.  Hoagie would always have to lay low and not pick sides when Bern and Mujahadine had their inner clan issues. 

                Hoagieman did not participate in the [BA] war that struck [SC] in 2007, however he did participate in the power struggle for [SC] in 2007-2008.  With dark times approaching [SC] new players of very good skill were flooding into the scene, one in particular being [SC]Woot (Also known as Redflame). RedFlames goal was to take over as the leader of [SC] and get rid of the original triumvirate of [SC] (Consisted of [SC]Mujahadine, [SC]_Unh and [SC]Bern).  With Woot taking power of [SC] and Mujahadine stepping down, the loyalists to Muja new what had to be done.  With the help of three other Mujahadine was able to put together a clan that consisted of only four members to take back his power from Woot.  This clan would be known as [DC].  [DC] (Dark Coalition) was designed to help Mujahadine regain his power at the top of [SC].  This came with ease for the [DC] clan because at the time the clan consisted of some of the top scenario players if not the top players (Mujahadine, DocHoliday, Hoagieman, and Blades of Auir).  [SC]Woot did not stand a chance at the time and vanished from Rise of Nations for a while, allowing Mujahadine to take back his power on the top [SC].

                After hoagieman had helped Mujahadine take back his power in [SC] he took a yearlong break from RoN, and returned in late 2009.  Hoagie would miss the horrific {ESP} and [SC] War that took part during the time he was gone and came back to a different [SC] clan.  Hoagieman rejoined the [SC] ranks in 2009 as the 2nd in command of [SC] only behind his dear friend [SC]Bern.  Hoagie now enjoyed his time in [SC] not having to worry about clan conflicts, but that would all change in the coming months. 

Clan Leadership and BoREdit

 With [SC]Bern going inactive for month long periods hoagie decided to try and step up and run this first ever clan, [SC].  He had some success, recruiting new members and turning a few of them (Pimp-Masterflex, Colonel_Cosal, and Icowwowmow) into pro scenario players.  However, with the new people came a lot of disorganization.  Hoagieman was getting tired of this and did not want to deal with it anymore, so he contacted his old mentor [SC]_Mujahadine to return to RoN and he did.  Mujahadine took the lead for little over a month and decided he was not up for the challenge anymore.  Hoagie and Mujahadine talked about [SC] one last time and Mujahadine asked hoagie to take over as leader once more.  Hoagie declined and decided it was time to start from scratch and thus BoR(Brothers of RoN) was formed.

                Brothers of RoN consisted of many scenario players along with a nomad department ran by a close friend of hoagies, [BoR]_Targoon.