Pimp-Masterflex (also referred more modernly as [AS]_Pimp-Masterflex,

Pimp's Current Profile Pic

or simply as Pimp) is a Scenario player whose Rise of Nations career began in 2009 and continues to the modern day. As of the advent of Steam's Extended Edition, he holds the record for the most amount of Scenarios played on record as verified by Vugi's Site.

Beginning his Scenario carrer in SC by being recruited by his mentor, [SC]_Hoagieman, Pimp eventually began his leadership role by re-founding BoR in October 2010, creating the largest and most active Rise of Nations clan at the time. After re-merging the clan to AS in May 2011, he briefly took a step from leadership until being voted officially into AS Leadership amist the AS-FOG War of 2011-2012. After nearly a year of leadership and Scenario-wide peace, Pimp led AS through the RoNPocalypse, and helped the Rise of Nations community continue to be active with the support of his clan-mates. Beginning in 2014 (and especially during the transition to Steam), he has taken more of an existential supervisory role with Scenarios, aiding new clan leaders and helping recruits in the gamestyle.

Pimp has been regarded as one of the greatest Scenario players of all time, by those within Scenarios and from other noted outsiders in the Rise of Nations community. He has been noted as one of the most successful clan leaders in Rise of Nations history, particularly from his leadership in BoR and AS. In 2013, Pimp was named the #2 Contributor to Rise of Nations, trailing his long-time friend, {-t2sa-}TGCVugi.

Especially in recent years, Pimp has been viewed, at times, as a controversial figure within the Scenario community, especially from rival clan leaders or other members. Some Scenario players have viewed Pimp with extreme respect, and others with blatant contempt as a Scenario figurehead. However, he is still well known outside of the Scenario community, becoming one of the very few Scenario players to make success and garner recognition outside of the gamestyle. He is also the creator and author of the eponymous PimpPack, created in 2014 to ease and aid the transition to the Extended Edition of RoN.