The PimpPack is a zip file that was created in 2014 by [AS]_Pimp-Masterflex in order to reduce the number of crashes due to the download problems that were experienced in the beginning of the Extended Edition. The PimpPack has a manual zip file install, as well as an automatic installer that installs all of Pimp's Scenarios pre-Steam. The Pack is credited with reducing the amount of crashes by a substantial amount in the transition to steam, as well as helping to recruit new members in the early stages of the Extended Edition of RoN.

The Pack, although successful in its purpose, has come under some mixed reviews with the number of Scenarios that are in the Pack, which is well over 200, and some are test versions of other Scens. However, defenders of the PimpPack point out that is is helpful for future Scenario creation, and may even spark older Scenarios to be played again, Scenarios that may have not been substantially played since after the STD Scenario Revolution